Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent 2022-2023

“To value children as individuals, promote their confidence, and their excitement in learning.” 

At Kings Norton Nursery School, the curriculum is designed to: recognise children’s prior learning and to provide first hand learning experiences. We have used contextual knowledge, data, and research and the new Birth to Five Matters Guidance, along with observations and parental consultations, to design an evolving curriculum that is bespoke to our children and their differing needs. We have designed a curriculum that is aspirational because we have high expectations and we are committed to ensuring the children who access Kings Norton Nursery School make excellent progress and are ready to embark upon their next stage of learning, with a strong foundation, when they leave us. We believe that high quality early years care and education is about developing strong, curious, confident children. It is about extending their joy, fascination. and wonder at the world around them, and developing concentration, commitment, and deep involvement. At Kings Norton Nursery, we believe that at the heart of all learning are effective relationships. We are committed to working together to ensure that everyone feels welcome, safe, respected, included, and valued. 

Kings Norton Nursery School Values Education

Our values underpin our practice and we want them to run through every aspect of our curriculum. The best interests and welfare of children are at the forefront of all that we offer. Our provision is non-discriminatory, accessible, and sensitive to race, gender, religion, culture, language, disability, sexuality, and differing patterns of family life. 

Autumn 1 - Caring

Spring 1 - Respect

Summer 1 - Perseverance  

Autumn 2 - Happiness

Spring 2 - Helpfulness

Summer 2 - Independence

At a recent Staff Development Meeting, our team of Educators reflected on our vision/intention. We considered our whole school community. The questions we reflected on are as follows: 

What is our vision for our children? 

We intend for them to…
Feel: Be:
safe risk takers
happy problem solvers
secure creative
joyful capable
confident the best person they can be
independent & have a deep-rooted
unique love for learning.

What is our vision for our team? 

We intend for them to…continuously strive to be the best that they can be, to have common values, and to share the same high expectations for our children. Consequently we intend  for them to be:
approachable, confident, highly skilled, patient, kind, respectful, creative, caring, organised, effective listeners, supportive team members, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and honest.

We also intend for them to... feel happy, valued, and respected at work.

What do our Governors want for our children?  

We want them to feel safe and valued and to be… happy, confident, resilient, included at their own level, independent, and high achievers. 

What do we want for our families? 

We intend for them to… Feel welcomed, happy, confident, respected, valued, included, and safe. 

We intend for them to feel comfortable approaching us; that they are supported and listened to without judgment, and that they experience effective communication. We want them to feel that their individual cultures and lifestyle choices are respected.

We intend for them to work with us as partners and joint educators and to know that we have an ‘open door’ policy. 

What makes Kings Norton Nursery special? 

You can read the full Curriculum Intent document below

Curriculum Intent 22 23.pdf