What do the Governors do?

Working in partnership with the school, it is the role of the governing body to set the school’s strategic framework and to ensure all statutory duties are met. 

The function of the Governing Board is to:

Who are our Governors?


What makes our Governing Board outstanding?

At Kings Norton Nursery School, our governors all have a strong commitment to the role and to improving outcomes for our children.  They demonstrate inquisitiveness to question and analyse, and the willingness to learn. They have good inter-personal skills, appropriate levels of literacy in English, and maths skills to understand basic data. 

Our governors regularly reflect on the strengths and areas for development for the Board. During this academic year, governors have worked together to complete the Effective Governing Body Audit Tool. Please click here to see the completed audit although this is a working document and is reflected on throughout the year. From the audit, aspects were identified that needed improving resulting in the creation of our governor development plan. 

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You can find out more about our governors by visiting the government website linked below:  

Meeting Attendance and Declarations